Toolbox for Students

Paper-grader and proofreading: proof

Format for college: form  

Topic sentences: Topicsent

Punctuation ?! marks: PMarks   OX    PMARX   "Quotation marks"

4 Life/Story Motivators

Action Verbs: VERBZ

Transitions: TRANS

Conjunctions/Comma splices: CC


All-Purpose MLA/APA cheat sheet! Cheat sheet

In-text citation of source:  text     Cite?   and    LGTEXT

MLA Works-cited page format; Turabian; APA:  
and    Author2

Italics + UnderliningITLX

Apostrophes and Possession: APos

Its or It's

Thesis statements; archetypes: A thesis   &    Theseus

develop a thesis/paper with who-what-why-when-where-how: 4Ws & H

Annotated Bibliography

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