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Assignment**(These assignments require a works cited page)

**You're my Social Hero;
 5 pages: Link

**Cell phones--useful tools of technology and education, or dangerous devices that undermine learning and health? 

(Psst: you may steal an opening paragraph that I wrote as the intro to this paper. Available by request. But I expect you to USE the ideas I'm listing in your topic sentences.)

My shoe is ringing

Link #1
Link #2
Link #3

min. 6 pages

**Option #1: Please argue for or against Windows 8 as a functional, valid, sensible operating system, especially for people who are NOT computer-literate. 

(In simple terms: this thing has problems. What do we do? Wait for him to fix it or just deal with it accordingly as we can? And what SHOULD he do about it?.)

Available sources you may wish to use:

**Option #2: Build or not--should homeowners and business owners on the Jersey shore be allowed to rebuild even though their property is facing risks from rising sea levels? Consider financial risks (insurance companies won't issue flood damage policies), and the potential for another Super-Storm.
Link #1
Link #2
Link #3
Link #4
Link #5

This winter ought to remind you all why this is relevant! How prepared have YOU or YOUR family become this time?
Assignment/NO works cited

 - If You say "I Can't..." then you won't: 

Link and Link #1 and Link #2 and link #3 

- the short story "A Man... " and one other story from the other choices. 

(There are also questions on "A Man..." that are required.)

How do they portray the idea of not giving up on something?
 What Personal Motivating Factors are involved in each story? How/why are they similar regarding "If you say..."
Use quotes and sources for your reasons. 

Min. 4 pages

Assignment - Flowers for Algernon: Link and questions - min. 4 pages

Required book: link on Amazon

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